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University of Birmingham

Dr Guy Pratt, Dr Paul Moss, Dr Supratik Basu

T cell immunity, developing T cell immunotherapy and understanding the microenvironment in MM


Nottingham City Hospital

Dr Cathy Williams

Dr Williams’s interests include transplant and novel therapeutic approaches in the treatment of myeloma through the development of, and role as, Chief and Co-investigator in a number of Phase I, II and III clinical trials. She is a member of the NCRI Myeloma Clinical Trials committee and is also involved with Myeloma UK as a scientific advisor, writes for their journal and has spoken at patient seminars.



Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Professor Gareth Morgan

Genetic events involved in switch recombination, clinical trials and prognostic factors

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John Snowden


Sam Ahmedzai


Dr Andy Chantry

Bone anabolic agents in myeloma


Dr Roger Owen

Minimal residual in myeloma by flow cytometry

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Professor Gordon Cook

Director of Blood and Marrow Transplantation, Leeds

Consultant Haematologist & Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds

Stem cell transplantation in myeloma, NCRI MMX, MRC MMXI

Professor Gordon Cook is currently the Secretary of the UK Myeloma Forum. Click here to see his profile.


Barts and The London NHS Trust

Professor Jamie Cavenagh

Stem cell transplantation in myeloma, AML/MDS; Anti-angiogenic therapies in myeloma. NK cell activity during thalidomide therapy.

Past Chair of the UK Myeloma Forum

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King’s College Medical School, London

Professor Steve Schey

He has been Chief Investigator and Co-investigator for a large number of clinical trials. His research interests are in multiple myeloma and the bone marrow microenvironment as potential novel therapeutic targets, and haemopoietic stem cell transplantation and he leads the Kings College Myeloma Translational Research Group at the Rayne Institute Denmark Hill


Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden Hospital, London

Dr Faith Davies

Targeted approaches to myeloma therapy. Current Chair of the NCRI Myeloma Clinical Trials Committee and Chair of the UKMF.

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University College, London

Dr Kwee Yong

Myeloma biology and the mechanisms of bone disease.

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Lyn MaCallum

investigation of CCN2 ‘osteogenic signalling’ in Multiple Myeloma


Wessex Regional Cytogenetics Unit

Fiona Ross

Cytogenetics in myeloma


Professor Graham Jackson

Drug resistance in myeloma, development of long-term bone marrow transplant follow-up clinics, and the cytokine profile of acute and chronic GVHD

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