1st Oxford Myeloma Workshop

Outside of the International Myeloma workshop we lack a comprehensive educational meeting on plasma cells disorders. With significant developments in scientific understanding, diagnostic testing and guidelines, prognostication, treatment principles and treatment options there is considerable knowledge in the area of plasma cell disorders that has to be disseminated.

As an individual interested in the field of plasma cell disorders, you would be in agreement that the last 2-3 years have seen a step change in both scientific developments, paralleled by a substantial transformation in therapeutics available in myeloma. There could not be an apposite time for us to educate and engage those working in this field.

We are excited to put together a comprehensive workshop programme to cover all aspects of plasma cell disorders. We have a brilliant faculty both from UK as well Europe and USA, who are well respected in the field of plasma cell disorders. The course is aimed at a cross-section of haematology trainees, haematology consultants, scientists working in the field of myeloma as well as allied nursing and pharmacy colleagues.

The First Oxford Myeloma Workshop will be held at  St Catherine’s College, Oxford, on 3rd and 4th August 2017.

We would be delighted if you can attend this workshop. On this website we have a detailed programme, list of speakers and details of registration for the meeting. We look forward to meeting you in August, and hope that you will also have time to explore our beautiful, historic city.


Dr Karthik Ramasamy          Prof Udo Oppermann           Dr Jaimal Kothari