Annual report

The Guidelines group met on Monday 29th February 2016 at the Royal Free Hospital (lunchtime of the UK amyloidosis network workshop).

The guidelines group continues to work very closely with Myeloma UK in the development of guidelines and position statements.

The NICE myeloma guideline was published in February 2016 (it does not address any area covered by existing NICE technology appraisals which covers most treatments at induction and relapse). The aim is to promote the NICE guideline more widely and we are submitting an editorial to the British Journal of Haematology relating to the NICE guideline.

The British Society for Haematology approach to guidelines is changing with a focus on publishing a smaller number of guidelines each year that are NICE accredited. It is inevitable that some future myeloma guidelines and related plasma cell disorder guidelines will be outside this process and most likely published as expert opinion papers rather than guidelines.

The UKMF Guidelines Group published two guidelines on The diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma 2011 and Supportive care in multiple myeloma 2011 in the British Journal of Haematology in 2011 representing a revision of the single 2005 Guidelines.

The main treatment guidelines have subsequently been updated electronically on the British Committee for Standards in Haematology website with several addendums to the main document. In 2013 an addendum to the main guideline was made recommending FISH/genetic testing of all myeloma cases. A further two addendums to the guideline were made in 2014 regarding recommendations relating to a second autologous stem cell transplant (given the data from the Myeloma X trial) and the recommendation for subcutaneous administration of bortezomib. A letter to the British Journal of Haematology highlighting these changes was published in 2014 as we are aware of the need to better publicise any changes to the main guideline. A further addendum will be added in 2016 to the main treatment guidelines include recommendations relating to the revised IMWG definition of myeloma.

Recent publications

  • Optimising the management of patients with spinal myeloma disease (British Journal of Haematology 2015).
  • Time to redefine myeloma (new IMWG definition of myeloma) (British Journal of Haematology 2015).
  • Two guidelines on AL amyloidosis, one guideline on the diagnosis and investigation and a second guideline on management, were published in the British Journal of Haematology in 2015.
  • A position statement on using bendamustine was published in the International Journal of Haematology in 2013.
  • A position statement on maintenance and consolidation was published in the International Journal of Haematology in 2014.


Future work plan

An addendum to the main guideline on the BCSH website relating to the revised IMWG definition of myeloma

Guidelines on imaging in myeloma

A guideline relating to the recognition and management of the late effects that myeloma patients commonly experience.

Position statement on carfilzomib.

Position statement on HDAC inhibitors.

Position statement on monoclonal antibodies.