The UKMF is actively involved in NICE consultations regarding new technologies at all stages of the appraisal process, providing feedback on draft scopes and documents, attending workshops and appraisal meetings.  We also put together submissions on new technologies when invited, summarising the treatment landscape of myeloma and the impact of the new technology.  Together with MyelomaUK, we are working towards stream-lined treatment pathways for UK myeloma patients that are practicable, reflect current ‘best practice’ internationally, and take into account disease and patient specific factors. We are keen to involve patients and patient and carer groups in consultation processes, and again, work closely with MyelomaUK to achieve this. The lead for Advocacy is currently Dr Matthew Streetly.


UKMF Advocacy Report for Exec Meeting 9th November 2017

Prepared by M Streetly, Advocacy Lead UKMF


UKMF representation nominees from UKMF executive committee

NICE Technology Appraisals

Completed appraisals

Carfilzomib (ID934)

  • Relapsed myeloma, 1 – 3 prior lines
  • Combination with dexamethasone and lenalidomide / dexamethasone
  • 1st appraisal meeting 12/10/2016
  • UKMF representatives – KR, MS and KY
  • NICE issued TA457 19/7/17
    • Carfilzomib / dex recommended if only 1 previous therapy that did not include bortezomib

Ongoing Appraisals

Ixazomib (ID807)

  • Relapsed myeloma, 1 -3 prior lines
  • Combination with Lenalidomide / dexamethasone
  • Appraisal restarted following positive EMA recommendation
  • UKMF representatives – KR + KY
  • 1st committee meeting 29/3/17
  • ACD issued and then
  • 2nd ACD meeting 23/10/17 KR/GC
  • FAD awaited

Denosumab (ID1233)

  • UKMF nominees: JA & KR
  • Scope comment: 23/10/17

Lenalidomide 2nd line (Part rev TA171 / ID667)

  • Post 1st line bortezomib
  • 1st appraisal meeting – NICE requested further info from company, next meeting date not available
  • UKMF representatives – KY, SS and MS
  • ACD: Len not approved 2nd line
  • Comments submitted 2/12/16
  • Celgene resubmitted 3/17
  • Appraisal currently suspended
  • Company considering alternative access options

Daratumumab (ID933)

  • Monotherapy when > 3 prior lines of therapy
  • 1st Appraisal meeting 22/2/17
  • UKMF representative: JA (+ Cathy Williams)
  • UKMF comments submitted: 7/4/17
  • 2nd Appraisal committee meeting 20/4/17
  • FAD not yet published

Lenalidomide 1st line Transplant non-Eligible ID474

  • CDA 22/9/17
  • Expert nomination 22/9/17
  • UKMF nominees: MS & NR
  • Organisation submission 27/10/17
  • 1st appraisal meeting 1/2/18

Daratumumab / bortezomib for relapsed / refractory (ID974)

  • Scope issued and comments returned 10/10/17
  • UKMF nominees: MS

Plitidepsin / dexamethasone for relapsed / refractory (ID1081)

  • Scope 05/2017
  • UKMF nominee: MS
  • Comments submitted 18/5/17
  • Appraisal delayed at company request

Lenalidomide maintenance post autograft (ID475)

  • Informed by NICE that appraisal likely to begin 12/2016

Completed / Suspended Appraisals

Daratumumab (ID973/TA454)

  • Combination with lenalidomide / dexamethasone
  • UKMF nominees: MS + NR; orgnaisation submission 12/2016
  • Appraisal terminated as company did not submit evidence

Bortezomib (ID1120)

  • 2nd or subsequent relapse
  • Appraisal terminated as company did not submit evidence

Pembrolizumab (ID1139)

  • Relapsed myeloma
  • UKMF nominee: MS
  • Scope comments: 28/4/17
  • Appraisal suspended following company withdrawal of EMA application

NHS England CRG Myeloma Treatment Algorithm

  • Meeting 05/2017 with myeloma representation (inc GC)
  • No further details as yet